• How to Show Off Your Weight Loss Success

    When you lose weight, showing off your success is one of the most exciting rewards. It’s important to be proud of your accomplishments when you lose weight fast near Fort Wayne , because the praise you receive and the boost in confidence you feel can help to keep you motivated as you work towards your weight loss goal.

    Buying new clothes is a great way to show off your weight loss, but try to avoid investing too much money into a new wardrobe until you reach your goal. Choose a few items each time you go down a size, and try to shop on the clearance racks for deals on clothes you may not be wearing for long. Other ways to indulge yourself include taking part in a physical activity that was too difficult before your weight loss or going out with friends to a new place you may have avoided in the past. Celebrating your success along the way can be an important part of your weight loss plan, so take time to recognize your accomplishments.

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  • How Does Weight Impact Fertility?

    obesity, over weight, fertility overwegiht, lose weight fort wayne One common reason why people seek to lose weight near Fort Wayne is to start a family. In some cases, people simply want to feel their best as they transition to parenthood and be healthy enough to run around after young children. Others may be struggling with fertility and seeking a solution that makes conceiving easier. Does weight impact your fertility and can healthy weight loss bring you closer to your dreams of starting a family? Here is what you need to know.

    Is There a Healthy Weight for Pregnancy?

    There is no specific target weight for pregnancy, but your doctor may suggest that you wait to conceive until your BMI is normal. BMI, or body mass index, takes into account your weight and your height to determine if you are underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese. Your doctor can tell you where you fall on the scale and if you should consider losing weight before pregnancy. If you do conceive when you are overweight, your doctor may suggest limiting your weight gain during pregnancy to avoid complications.

    Does Being Overweight Affect Female Fertility?

    Being overweight can lead to fertility complications in women . Excess weight can interfere with menstrual cycles and ovulation. There is also evidence that even when ovulation is normal, women who are overweight have difficulty conceiving for reasons that doctors do not understand. Women who are overweight who do become pregnant have a higher risk of miscarriage. Weight loss not only makes getting pregnant easier, but it also makes the pregnancy safer for both mother and child.

    Do Men Who Are Overweight Have Fertility Issues?

    Being overweight can affect testosterone levels in men, which in turn can lead to lower sperm counts. Men who are overweight may also have issues with sperm motility more often than normal-weight men. Pursuing weight loss goals and maintaining a healthy weight after weight loss can help men address their fertility problems.