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It was the catalyst to change my whole life! I believe that …

It was the catalyst to change my whole life! I believe that True Weight Loss Solutions is much more than a weight loss company, it is a jump start to gaining control back in my body, but much more my WHOLE life!

Nick Nagel Bluffton , IN August 3, 2015

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It’s a decision I will never regret!

I came upon True Weightloss Solutions a year ago. I was skeptical because I've tried so many other things to get control of my weight. I had just started a gym and wasn't getting the results I was hoping for fast enough. Something that happens so frequently that I was ready to give up completely. When I think back now on all of the wasted dollars and wasted hours trying to lose weight and get control of my health with other programs and diet supplements I am simply sad that I hadn't found True Weight Loss Solutions sooner. I have been on the program for a full year, with regular one on one consultations, and 24/7 access to my coach, which helps keep me accountable. Every step of the way has been carefully planned and outlined to keep you on course. Overall I have lost 40 lbs since starting the program. But more importantly, I have improved my health in ways I didn't expect. I sleep better, I have more strength, I have better endurance, I no longer have regular headaches and no long have to take migraine maintenance meds. My bad cholesterol has gone down, my BMI is in a healthier range from the obese range from which I started. And the best part is that it was all done without sacrificing, starving myself, or filling up on supplements or shakes. The program is simple. They teach you how to eat clean whole foods. Not just what to eat, but WHY to eat it...what it does for you, how it helps. It such an easy plan to follow that a year after starting I still eat the way they taught me and I don't even have to think about it . I know what's good for me, which foods are inflammatory to my system and should be avoided, I know proper portion sizes, I know exactly how much food my body needs each day. I eat to be fueled, I no longer eat to be full. I will never regret my decision to give them the chance to help me, and I will forever be grateful that they did

Micki Cooney Fort Wayne , IN August 9, 2017

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Best weight loss and overall life change I have every been …

I have battled my weight since middle school. I have tried every weight loss plan there is and have failed at all of them. That is until my wife and I tried True Weigh Loss. I was never one to want to get into these types of programs because I always felt they were just another fad that was trying to get your money. TWLS is different in many ways, one of the biggest is the results but we will get to that in a moment. The staff and coach at TWLS is in my opinion one of the difference makers for me. The daily coaching you receive and the encouragement and just overall life skills that they teach you is totally worth the investment. The program is structured very well and is broken up into very doable phases. Come on you can do anything for 6 weeks! Then you have the results, personally I have lost over 130 pounds in just under a year on this program. It has truly changed my life as well as my family's life. This has been by far the best program I have ever been involved with.

Chris Cawvey Fort Wayne , IN August 14, 2017

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